Notes on Jrsvp -- RSVP Implementation in Java

Bob Braden, Jeff Kann, Graham Phillips, Ya Xu, Alberto Cerpa


These notes provide an introduction to Jrsvp, a reference implementation of RSVP written in Java. This code was developed at ISI under the ARP (Active Reservation Protocol) project, a DARPA-funded research effort in active networking. RSVP is an Internet signaling protocol that was developed to provide end-to-end QoS signaling for Internet integrated services. RSVP is distinguished by its support for IP multicast data meshes, by its receiver orientation, and by its use of soft state. ISI previously developed rsvpd, a 'C' implementation of RSVP. Rsvpd has been very widely distributed, and it has been ported into a variety of environments. We have now re-implemented most of RSVP in Java as a program called Jrsvp. We believe that Jrsvp will be more useful than rsvpd as a reference implementation of RSVP, for several reasons. (1) The object-orientation of Java should make the structure and function of the code more transparent, so Jrsvp will more effectively document a set of algorithms that realize the RSVP protocol. (2) Certain features of Java, especially garbage collection, add to the simplicity and understandability of Jrsvp compared to rsvpd. (3) The platform-independence of Java should be a major advantage in porting Jrsvp onto a new platform. The basic requirement will be a JVM for the target system. (4) Because of its relative clarity and simplicity, the Java version will make a much more suitable platform than the 'C' version for experimenting with future extensions of the RSVP protocol.




Bob Braden, Jeff Kann, Graham Phillips, Ya Xu, Alberto Cerpa, "Notes on Jrsvp -- RSVP Implementation in Java," ISI Technical Report, pp. 1--10, Information Sciences Institute, University of Southern California, July, 1999.


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