Information for Postdocs and Visiting Researchers

Prof. Alberto Cerpa, University of California, Merced

Thanks for your interest in the ANDES Lab. I encourage you to contact me by email (see contact information in my web page) if you wish to explore postdoc and visiting researcher opportunities in ANDES.

If you are seeking a postdoc position, you must have a Ph.D. from one of the top research universities in EE or CS in North America or Europe, a high-quality dissertation with a good set of publications, excellent written and oral communication skills, and seeking a postdoc or a joint project to do new research and not just churn papers on your previous work.

Please note that at present time I am not looking for postdocs, nor I have funded projects that need them. However, if a good mutually beneficial opportunity presents itself, I could find resources to support you. In this case, it is imperative that you contact me with ample time so I can locate the resources ahead of time (the more leading time, the better).

If you are a visiting faculty or visiting industrial researcher, please note that UCM School of Engineering expect you to be self-funded. Additional compensation may be negotiated depending on the project, level of involvement and funds available. In this case, the most important aspect is to find a research project that fits both our research interests, so we can collaborate. From my side, I have access extramural funding, graduate students, computational and lab facilities (including a number of indoor and outdoor testbeds) and I can offer space in my lab and/or try to secure office space from the School of Engineering for the duration of your stay.

If you are a visiting industrial researcher working on a project for your company, please note that IP issues must be negotiated in advance between your company and the University of California. Please contact the Office of Technology Transfer in the main Office of Research for more details. I'll be glad to help you navigate the bureaucratic IP maze if we agree to work on a joint project :-)